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Originally Posted by emperorles View Post
Let's be honest, all we want is for these bitches to suck our dicks and take it up the ass like a good whore. Am i right fellas?!
you're very wrong, i want her to cook for me, wash my skidmarked boxer shorts, clean my house, wash my back, do the shopping, etc, a bit more than head & bumsex

Originally Posted by emperorles View Post
My point is the only reason a guy gets into a relationship is to have sex. But then he has to listen to her whining, and talking her head off for the rest of the time. Then he has to take her places, spend money on her, introduce her to your friends. The guy becomes a sucker. Plain and simple!
learn to talk to women & how to treat them, that way you can get everything you want from her, but without all the whining &'re an idiot anyways, i'll bet you a blunt that you're still a virgin.....
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