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Default 2nd Hand Porn

As some of you may know, I currently occupy a job selling tv's to the masses. Anything from 19 inch to 65 inch. Sometimes I sell a complete set with a Blu-Ray player and speakers, which also needs to be installed. And like that our installer take old stuff from people sometimes.

This one time I sold a 26" Panasonic with Blu-Ray Home Theater set. Everything had to be installed and all the old stuff had to be removed. This included an old CD-I player. Philips failed attempt at penetrating the console market with a disc based system in the early ninties. Based upon a technique that they developed for Nintendo, in race with Sony.

When I heard the customer saying this I said hold up. I'd like to have that one. That is some classicness right there. All said and done, I could pick it up at the folks home. Took me sometime to make an appointment because we just went into sales, and heavy driking after work does not leave much room for a customer visit.

Today I finally went to pick up the player. After a long walk through Utrecht I found the place. They had everything set up to be taken away. Player model-450, controller & cables and CD-I's. Now this is were it got awkward. The dude who owned it wasn't there, and his mom handed it over. As soon as I was outside I took a closer look at the goods.

No, Hotel Mario or fucked up Zelda games. Instead a modest collection of porn on Interactive CD's. All from 1995. The CD-I has turned into a Porn time machine. All this leaves me feeling a bit strange knowing this was a strangers collection.

And now I am wondering who is investing in the second hand porn market. Seems a little sticky to me. Also I'm looking for a new controller for the player...
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