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Originally Posted by SHRAP View Post
bitch shut the fuck up, u are the faggot that is replying to every post i make in any thread. go back in every thread and see how many times u came at me without me havin said shit to u, u was on my dick from the jump cuz u thought i was seriously tryin to mack blackula anyway thanks for showin me how just how fuckin retarded people become after smokin trees for 20 years u fuckin vegetable

i was making a joke on that Blackula shit, you're the faggot that took what i said serious, started crying like a little bitch with a skinned knee you dumb fuck...thats why you've tried to insult me in every thread i been in since that ?? you poor little pansy.....oh my gosh, you really were tryna mack Blackula.....awww man you really are a little bitch, lol
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