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Originally Posted by GHOSTLACED View Post
theres plenty of white people in jamaica speaking patwa

i dont know how you can know if you can understand patwa unless you been to jamaica, although i dont have jamaican acestory (i have 1 jamaican uncle but hes married into the family), i come from a large west indian community, and i never heard pure patwa been used, i heard rasta english, but thats different.

but i watch dancehall vids etc and i wathc interviews of soem of my favorite jamaican artist and i cant understan 80% of what they say, its impossible to me so i would be v surprised if you could go alon with a native lol

i'm not talking rasta english, i'm talking proper Jamaican patois, i had a couple of friends move over here (england) from Jamaica, they were cousins of another friend, we were making tracks, and my boys cousin said some shit about me, taking the piss, like he was straight offa some hardcore ragga record, and i swear to god he went red with embarrassment when i responded to his "disses" with disses, his brother & my boy was laughing hard at him, this guy aint even been in England a week, so it aint like he picked it up.......i grew up with people who's families were West Indian, i grew up listening to reggae/ragga all the time, watching Jamaican/West Indian flicks from young, so you tend to learn whats being said, now.....dont get me fucked up.....i'm not sayin i understand every word, but i can understand enough to hold a conversation...

i was just gettin at Shrap about it, cos he said i had a cracker whiney macauly culkin voice or some dumb shit, yet for however many posts before he was tryna come at me with some patois....but he's white......
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