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Originally Posted by LadiesLoveCoolDan View Post
I have noticed a recent trend of talking shit about Bill Cosby on here, and felt the need to remind you faggots that Bill Cosby is GOD status and that nobody on this website comes close to his success, wisdom, or straight gangsterness.

Now, as a white person, I readily admit that there are plenty of white people who are just as stupid, we just aren't as lucky to have a prominent white man have the balls to come out and tell us.

Yeah cos white people need all the help they can get...

No matter how 'understanding' you can think you are...

Unless you've born & grown up as a person of colour-any colour-you really cant begin to imagine the levels of discrimination that you have to fight..

Yes bill cosby is doin his bit & you appreciate the struggle but this is the internet and life is a lot tougher than some people imagine..

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