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Default Re: tree of life (6) - my birthday

----- thereīs illusion in this material world and i was caught deeply in that illusion as well and i know how one feels and how oneīs mind is. the wu heads are physicially older than me, but i overcame their state of mind over the last four years, cause god lifted me above them, showed me their illusion, practising on me, while ie listened and talked to them.

^^ When you take into consideration the process of completing an album and the time period that this material deverives from you can see where a variable factors in... For you to think you know their state of mind from just their music is an understatment. The past, present and hopes for the future can be displayed in music... Besides what one lyric reads to one person can have a whole nother meaning to another> Be careful when placing the WU heads in a box. Everyone see's the world different and gets a different take on things, you may see the glitz and glammer of being them as a flaw to their growing and achievement but who would you be to tell another what is a illusion. That would be an illusion itself, cause while everyone's life is played in their head and carried out by their own will it is still reality, accepting someone else's illusion is advancing your understanding of what it is to be a human. Displaying your life wether your confusing your sins to the human race or glorifying the word of god for others will catch all kinds of interpertations, their music isn't here for you to give fault to them. While you may view their actions as something god wants you to correct (<I may be pushing here, but this is what I get from your writings) It isn't for you to be concerened. Concern yourself with how your living and why god hasn't advanced you to their world, why they haven't taken you through god's light. You seem close to them mentally and seem to have a strong connection but denying the ture and living god and thinking you can tell him to live his life in a certain manner is unacceptable.

This troubles me for your quest to find a higher being. ---- itīs not a quest anymore cause i found god and itīs the same god wu once worshipped as group, they only called him by different name and he didinīt showed them who he really was, cause therefor he chose me... for not getting this highest product of all, he fullfilled their wishes and they became the stars with all the materials and fame they wanted to have! i never got that.i wanted it sooner in life but i got loose from these wishes, with gods true knowledge teaching me what it all really worth for.

^^ "Once worshipped?" You think you know who god really is and they don't? There chillin' out smokin' blunts with the cat and your at home chilln' on your computer bashing it. They became stars because they worked their asses off to get where they are. With the amount of time RZA put into Wu-Tang he deserves his money and fame, the price didn't come easy though now did it?..

When I look at wu-tang and their message I don't see it as an oppurtinuity to advance their understand but rather as a means to open myself up into their world and their knowledge ------- see... i know what you mean and you just stated it. you on a different spiritual level. your mind isnīt that far as mine is and i donīt say that with any pride or lookin down to you. i mean.. if god didnīt came to me and completed my puzzle, i would also still look up to the wu and some others and learn from them.. but hell yea. i overcame all the knowledge they brought to life and i learned a lot and itīs nearly all true.. but they lost it iīm here to bring it back and make them advance... but surrendering to one higher isnīt easy..i know that.. but i belive in raeīs good heart somewhere below mountains of fat... lol :-)

^^ My mind is none of your concern, and I'll tell you why> Your on your journey and I'm on mine.. .However I have a hand in the creation of your life and you well, you have a gene passed down from me. While Wu has come to a haulted stop for you just remember they are still here and we haven't seen all that they have to offer.

after all they are standin' together on things and your the one on the outskirt of it all....
----- iīm not on any outskirt. iīm on top of ot and out of it and my body is in it... i stand together with god and iīm all happy with that. canīt noone and nothing replace god! they not even together like they supposed to be and they donīt feel all happy cause they donīt have god for real on their sides... hear it in their recent and latest lyrics... hm.. they got material true... but for real..thatīs not what it takes to make the world a better place or takin over the streets or something.. they just two out of a thousand rappers who all battle for one big city, one big dream... but none of them is really a king... they all wannabes. still under control of the material.. the politics, the law, the bitches, the coke, the cash, the ... whatever... god is not bend on any of that.

^^ God stands by us all. He's alot cuter in person. I wish you would get passed your boundries and come to terms with who god truly is. God is powerful, he's not stupid man, he's not in the sky, he's not holding your hand every second of everyday what he is doing is watching me write this and wondering why I'd spend the time helping someone that would never listein to him... Listein man... If you still don't want to believe me don't > just remember the crusade of Jesus and those who didn't believe in him. I wouldn't be here wasting my time trying to point you into the correct direction if I didn't know what the hell I was talkin' about... I just want to ask you this one question> Your god in the sky, the one who brought you above wu-tang, does he get sadden that his creation is down here suffering and once his creation is done suffering will he get jealous of the man that gets to fuck the beauty of eve?
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