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Default Re: tree of life (6) - my birthday (snippet) i understand what you sayin..and hm.. yeah.. we got difference views on it all.. i canīt go on argue anymore with you, cause it wonīt lead anywhere... how bout... iīm the only one ever comin to a wu tang board and asking for rae, tryin to get hrough to him and tell him about plans god gave me...only one who claim shit like "i found the three MOST HIGH gods" --- listen to this and tell me who he means ... you canīt ? well.. i know that phantom cause the phantom told me who he is ....

this is allah christ krishna jehova... many names . even "sky blue phantom" lol if you donīt belive me.. the vedic sanksrit for a few years and you probably know what iīm talking about...

so.. "whatīs really good if lex canīt get it ?"
i tell yo... Raekwon isnīt that average rapper from the street and rza isnīt too... but only raekwon knows what iīm talking about BUT HE KEEPS IT QUITE for two reasons : 1. noone tells him that one is in search for him and 2. he wants someone to tell him that other one is in search for him - cause he wanna see that love one shows to another... peace chef - i canīt find it
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