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Default Re: funny ass joke thread, check it

Rza, a kid, the Pope, and David Beckham on a private plane. The engine fails and the drivers get wasted by a lesbian seagul wit a metal beak gone wild. They start to nosedive and are headin for death.

Rza jumps up, "Yo fuck this, Rap needs me these days, Im the abbot of the Wu, Im taking that muthafuckin parachute and ghostin outta here. So he puts it on, puts on the mask , turns to Bobby Digital, shouts Boodoodoo and leaps out in the shape of the W.

The others look at each other. Beckham says "Uh ooooh, let me have a look and see if we have any bags left. Theres 2!"

So he comes back over and looks at the Pope and the kid. Says, "Im David Beckham, the captain of England and a role model for kids worldwide, I have to go" straps up and jumps out.

So the Kid says, "Father, you better take that last 1. If I let you die, God will make me work for Satan in hell!" and starts crying.

So the Pope says, "No listen, we are ok, that daft cunt Beckham took your school bag, we are good to go".

They strap up, and jump out.

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