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Default Re: funny ass joke thread, check it


Paddy n Mick move to Alaska to be at 1 wit nature and eat all the fish they could. After about a month there, they realise theres no females where they at, just the odd group of huskies, bearded cavemen lookin mofos, and the odd polar bear. So they decide to go in search of some punani.

They find a town, wit a bar, n small houses. So they go in the bar and low n behold its all dudes. So they ask the bartender, where are the women? He tells em they dont need women. They have their own hoe locked in a barrel on tuesday nights, and its the shit.

So they decide since its tuesday, to go take a look. Out the back they go, n see this barrell. So the guy finishin up busts into the barrell, and walks away wit a mad cheesy. So Paddy asks him, the fuck does that feel like? He says its undescribable. So Paddy tells Mick to fuck off, n come back in about 2 mins. So he zips down, puts his shit in the hole, n feels the tissue. Shags fuck outta it n busts straight away.

Mick comes in and Paddy says, Oh man, that is the business!!! So out he goes, and Mick being the stud he is, fucks the shit outta this barrell for about an hour. So they go in the bar mad relieved, exhausted n get some pints. About 10 mins later this naked dude comes in walkin funny n sits beside them. Paddy asks him why he is naked n he says he is workin in a mad homo accent. Mick says where u work? He replies "in a barrell out the back, tuesday nights". Paddy looks at Mick, Mick looks at Paddy. Paddy says "Fuck that, its freezing out there!"

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