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Default lets talk AL & NL MVPs

for NL, i have to go with Andruw Jones....i'm aware of Derek Lee and Albert Pujols, but let's take a look at this for a moment. Lee's Cubs aren't making the playoffs, so right there Lee doesn't have much of a case...Chicago obviously needs some other valuable player to take the Cubs to the playoffs (if Garciaparra had been healthy all season, and Ramirez was still in the lineup, maybe they'd be in the wild card race), so it boils down to Pujols vs. Jones. Pujols has more support than Jones, and he's not the Gold Glove fielder that Jones is. AJ has put the Atlanta team on his back and carried them throughout, regardless of Chipper's injuries and the unstable situation in finding everyday fielders to the left and right of Jones. he does it all, on offense and defense...and he'll probably end up with 50+ home runs by the end of the year. have to give it to him...

as for the AL, its not as clear, at least not to me...i feel that Ortiz and Ramirez kind of cancel eachother out in the AL MVP race, so i can't nominate a red sock for the award. similar situation with A-Rod and Sheffield...i'd cite three players in the thick of the AL MVP race: Vladimir Guerrero, Victor Martinez and Paul Konerko. Vlad has carried the Angels, and they are considerably better when he's on the field. Paul Konerko has been the primary power hitter in the W. Sox lineup, so he should certainly be considered. and how about V. Martinez? he's the catcher for Cleveland, and he had a horrible first half of the season...since, he's raised his average about 60 points, hitting for average as well as power, his resurgence corresponding with the Indians' surge. he's a sleeper, and i'm tempted to give it to him in the AL.

who are your candidates?
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