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Originally Posted by sdeblasi View Post
lol....i always wondered what made Cappa more of an "official member" than say Streetlife. Streetlife appeared on Tical which was before cappa ever appeard on a wu track (linx), and he also appeard on iron flag and forever...why is cappas status so much higher
RZA and Raekwon both said they've known Cap since the youngling stage. Streetlife is really just Mef's dude.

So I guess it pays to grow up with Rza but in this case it didn't mean shit did it?

Slang Prostitution is a dollar short and a day late. He lacks focus and his lyrical dexterity has been tarnished.

His next record should be with Lounge Lo over some 4th Disciple or True Master beats.

or in a fantastical scenario: actually work with Ghostface and resurrect the dead album idea, Crayons.
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