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Damn baby! Fall back! *bomb explosion* I am always the one to acknowledge that Tim Westwood is annoying. Why when Rza says something really meaningful does he just say "hmm"? Rza dropped some knowledge. I would love to hear Tim acknowledging the good times more rather than just briefly mentioning them at the start and then asking questions without reacting to the answer. I really like Rza's mentality though, it's very good that he holds down reality like what he said about all the talent that isn't getting heard (all over the world) because the game ain't the same. One thing though: It is not Americas fault that there is violence in Europe. Any population centres have the same problem. Where lots of people are living close together it's always going to happen. Oh yeah, Tim Westwood really is a parody of himself nowadays. The same stupid phrases and frequent explosions et al.
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