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Default Re: Jerry Rice is officialy retired

Originally Posted by Treazon

and to that other guy, they cant just retire the number 80 even in the whole NFL thats a widely used number...and its not like they retired 34, or 21, or 56, or any other number from legacy players. Sure Rice is the best reciever to ever play pro football, but he's not the greatest player to play pro football.
exactly, its a pervasive number, so that would show all the more respect to rice...anyways, only players who have #80 are receivers, so it would make sense. beyond the nfl is a a stretch,i admit, but within the league i think it would be a good idea. of course it might set a precedent for all great players to have their numbers exclusively retired, but i dont think there willl be many players of rice's caliber anytime soon.
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