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Originally Posted by ThaShaolinAssassin View Post
"I dont know what wu is doing, but this Only Built For Cuban Linx is trash....It's nothing like Tical and Dirty Version, or even 36 chambers. I dont know why they decided to change the formula while it was working. I want the old wu back, the grimey wu, not this Ice Cream commerical bullshit...It doesn't even have ol dirty! The only song i really like on here is Guillotine swords, but i thought everyones verse was a bit simple. Its the only song with a kung fu sample and i would give it a 7.5/10 at most. When did wutang turn into drug rappers and shit. Idk, i'll just have to wait till Immortability to see if Rae redeems himself from this commerical bullshit."
Whoever typed this originally should literally be murdered!
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