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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

your play with words and ya rhymes are spoken for
just ask the girl on 6th steet screamin, "IM A WHORE"!
weak punchlines plus no skill, equals the phrase "i'll verbaly kill you Skale"
chain smoker, so what? i got nothing better to do except destroy my lungs
stick to the facts, your whole styles whack, your jokes are jokes, that's exact
crack, who u r to claim, when i 'rock' the mic, your exposed, fake its-snot cocaine
your lame, another dickride screamin fuck fortune and fame, oh well, guess u beat me to the 'game'
you couldnt see my mental plain, even if i stuck u in a 747 with binoculars, ah who gives a flying fuck...
that punchline killed u anyways...
your white? not even u act, u type with a slang or accent of a black, u understand? iight?
go back two lines, i just took you a self recognizing flight, don't get offended...
...about the punchline one line before this rhyme
im a lyrical acrobat, and well your shrap, one mans garbage is another tresure, to me your just trash
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