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Originally Posted by Pattch82 View Post
I always thought the only difference was the Wise track, the Child's Play beat was a lil different and it had the original Ghost Deini beat. But it's totally different, it's even got Ghosts verse from Impossible at the end of one of the tracks!

Here's the full track list and all the differences for those that don't know...

I'll up this if I'm allowed, and if anyone wants it...

01: Nutmeg feat. RZA

02: One

03: Saturday Nite

This track lasts for 5 mins but the Saturday Nite song finishes after 1:30, then there's an announcement... "we interrupt this special bulletin to bring you one of the illest verses of all time"... then Ghosts verse from Impossible kicks in...

Impossible [Canada Only Bonus]

That takes us up to 3:30 then we have...

Iron's Theme [Intermission] (which also sounds different, maybe slightly extended)

04: In The Rain [Wise] [Canada Only Bonus]

05: Mighty Healthy

06: Apollo Kids feat. Raekwon

At the end of this same track is...

Clyde Smith [Skit]

07: Buck 50 feat. Method Man, Cappadonna & Redman

This track lasts over 9 mins... after the Buck 50 song ends it goes straight into...

Stroke of Death feat. Solomon Childs & RZA

And then still in the same track, after Stroke Of Death we have...

Woodrow the Base Head [Skit]

08: Stay True feat. 60 Second Assassin

09: Ghost Deini feat. Superb [Canadian "Bastards" Version]

10: Malcolm
11: We Made It feat. Superb

This song goes straight into...

Who Would You Fuck? [Skit]

12: Child's Play [Canada Version]

This has a slightly different beat, there's no beat switch, just the same beat playing through out on this version, and its extended too, more of Ghost talking at the end.

13: Cherchez LaGhost feat. U-God

14: Wu-Banga 101 feat. GZA/Genius, Raekwon, Cappadonna & Masta Killa

This track has a different fade out and then it goes into the Iron Man Conclusin outro.

So, the canadian version only has 14 tracks cos alot of the skits are mixed into the actual tracks, the fade outs are different on alot of the songs too.

This may be old news to alot of you, but I only just got my hands on a copy of the canadian version yesterday and I was surprised at how different it was!

yours is different from the one i had, i had the same childs play as u but the tracks were all seperate and i think in the rain was at the end. also no verse from impossible
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