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wow wu-fans always surprise me..
Solomon Childs is a talented dude. he's got potential to cross over. I don't mind at all that he's tryin to appeal to mainstream audiences, yet still doin' him.
The first track is nice, don't know what you all are complaining about.
I can actually see it gettin some airplay, which in the end is gonna help other wu artists.
what do you expect him to do? keep makin chambermusik albums that nobody knows about and that people don't even buy cuz the "fans" bootleg the shit out of it?
the mans gotta eat. can't do that tryin to appease so called fans who dont even support.

seriously, the "support" wu fans give the artists is pure garbage.
go out and buy the albums, go to shows, spread the knowledge instead of bitchin about a rapper changing his sound. its the FANS that could make a difference.
eventually killah priest, hell razah, shabazz and all these guys are gonna do commercial music cuz makin the music that WE like is not workin financially for them.

think about it.
(and we wonder why there's no Timbo King album..Cuz labels don't want to invest in a project or artist when there is no proof that he will sell.)
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