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did any of you catch what gza said in coffee and ciggerets about caffine and dreaming, its hard practice cause you ussualy cant sleep after you drink caffine, but once i went to sleep drunk after drinking coffee, and the dreams were all supper fast, and i cought these vissions of hard core gorey, gross, monsterous shit with david ducovony from x files, all projected very fast and in picture frames like a projector, the pictures were demented, worce than any horror film. At the time i thought my mind was just fucked up, but now years latter bassed on other experiences, i think it was a computrer program somehow chemically implanted in my mind. I know most of the people will dismiss my anylisis, but i have concidered the evidence, and i am aware of how crazy it sounds.

on another note, on some don juan shit, if you want to do some shamanic shit in your sleep, go to sleep with your hands on your lower dan tan, right below your abdomen, and your other hand on your solar plexus or heart chakrah. I forget which hand goes on which point, but when i did it, i made the dream world tangible, and found some way to prove that it was real. I cant remember or recall how i proved the reality of the dream world, but it must of been based on the same existentially valid sensory data that varifies the real world, even though there was absurd impoible shit going on when i did that experiment.


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