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i got crucified once in a dream after seeing a cross with two horizontal bars reading ´rastafari´, and ´abolish hitler´ but the crusifiction wasnt like it is depicted in the bible, i was picked up by by a spike in my tail bone and lifted, which oppened all my pressure points and presured me to stay hard core, cause i was being penetrated to the bone, than i fucked it up and showed fear and lack of faith when i was reluctent to crash into a crypt full of skelleton like mummies, and i looked into the eyes of a elojim egytian pharogh looking being with eyes that were all knowing, and all the bodies were transmitted from gold to wood and were more than wiling to die to keep with the unfolding of what i concider to be an ancient ritual.

the fact that some say that christianity in its purest form made its way to etheipia, and eventialy merged with rastafari, makes me think that what i took part in is part of the central drama of biblical proportion.

i have had other biblical shit happen in dreams that cant be explained in any other way, than to say that the unfolding of events today is in someway coected with what the ancient hebrews built,

and random dreams of pyrimids i have never been to with asian people involving me in nerve wracking figths to climb the pyrimids suggest that the pyriids also are critical roles in today´s unconcious spiritual develpment

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