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Default Re: tree of life (6) - my birthday

brahma: i dig ya style sun

but yo man - dont assume that your learning is over

keep listening to g-o-d

and remember:

you have to ZIG-ZAG-ZIG

not just ZIG-ZAG

also remember:

if people here are misunderstanding you
it is just as much your responsibility (as you are clearly a somewhat enlightened individual) as it is theirs to come to an agreement

and maybe going to a public board and posting a bunch of digital photos of what look like you and your buddies isnt the best way to get ya point across

you can meditate and receive divine inspiration all you want

but if you decide to go swim with the sharks
make sure you do it right


the most difficult part about learning to walk on water
is learning to never show off
your mother's dick
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