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Default Re: twisted elements

PLUS ya gotta bring the poll fucntion back, cause people need to have the right to choose.
look... wu chamber is in "5elements" (thatīs a lie cause thereīs 10plus categories in within)

wu chamber next to sports, computer games, movies... thatīs why wu is non better recently. wu gots to be in one categorie with GENERAL CHAT cause we got something to say on this planet and the wu members areīgeneralsī... we need HIPHOP CHAMBER cause thatīs what the world is in need for HIPHOP . the best music you can find on this earth. beside that HIP and HOP is like yin and yang like 69 ... up and dow, pleasure and pain, hip and hop... knahmean... we need introduction chamber cause we wnat to know who each other is... and we need THE LEDGE in the five elements, cause god and stuff like that must be the most important thang for every soul! cause thatīs only thang that last FOREVER ask the wu! thatīs that. thatīs why its gotta be like that. i suggest you change it. i mean.. who cares where the forums are at anyways... god does. yaīll love god donīt you? i donīt care how its placed..i only want to get at rae to give him the whole story, but i donīt even need to go there, knamean.. iīm just doing my thang poppin the knowledge god wants me to drop. peace
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