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Prince Rai
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Default Re: twisted elements

Originally Posted by brahma
like this
1.wu chamber - air (cause they bees flyin thorugh the air) chamber - earth (cause of that yin yang stuff i explained ^avove)
3.general - fire (cause we in the material dirt - the ordinary... everything except god is general talk, but it gots to ge there, cause without the general, the demonish side, theré sno need for the ether section)
4.introduction chamber - water (cause we all like fishies in the ocean of life)
5.know the ledge - ether (something non material, we canīt touch or canīt be seen usually)
i agree with you brahma... those were the highs of the corp..

we once argued over sumin lol.. but i guess this section of the corp can bring us closer to where we see the road of wisdom nahmean?

peace n blessings

lets keep this place all good n all
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