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On Triggernometry album there is a skit called Wu da competition - Sticky said here that he really wanted to battle them, especially Dirty & Meth: "when I heard Wu, I was like: them niggaz is hot, I wanna battle him & him, Meth & Dirty" So it was because he actually liked them & not because they beefed, they never did.
When I talked to raekwon he said he respects them and if I know that they made a track together which I of course do lol. And there are more Onyx tracks with Wu members on it.
But fredro really said in an interview that onyx brought ruckus before wu and get no credit for it - which is true so that's not a problem. He also said that groups like MOP & Wu came after Onyx and were watchin them while makin their albums. And he also said that onyx got the best logo in the game besides Wu-tang. I remember him sayin all this but don't have the links so if u don't believe me find it yourself

and oh btw, fredro talkin about Evil Streetz:

FREDRO STARR: That’s my favorite record [on the album], that’s the record I want to run with too; the “Evil Streets Remix” is crazy. Meth is our man, we was on tour with the Wu-Tang. Onyx and Wu-Tang, at first it seemed like we wasn’t going to get along and shit ‘cause there was a little situation we had with Ol’ Dirty Bastard and a couple of other things that happened. I mean, Wu-Tang came out right after us and they was hot so it was like our competition and shit. So people never thought Onyx and Wu would ever do a record together but we did things with Method Man and Sticky Fingaz did a record with Raekwon and also we did “The Worst” with the whole Wu-Tang. So I just think [our sounds] worked together.
We did the “Evil Streets Remix” in D&D Studios, right after there was a shootout in the studio like the week before. So we just called Method Man like, come down and do a joint with us. So he came in and stayed there the whole night with us until the song was mixed. That’s one thing I do love about Meth, with some artists they lay down they verse and they out. Meth came and fucked with us the whole night. My whole Gang Green crew was there, the All City niggas was around. So Meth was rockin’ with us and that record in the studio matched the energy in the air that it came from. I did the track when I was doing my beats and we loved [Method Man’s] verse, so it worked together.

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