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Prince Rai
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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Originally Posted by Ronin
fair points, diddnt the pagans and aryans beleive that prince, or was it summarians, that there is alien life or something

humans tend to try and make the in-comprehendible understandible to themselves

something being created and infinity are both paradoxical

maybe infinity is possible, we just cant understand that it is

dont forget, there are bound to be other beings out there with brains bigger than ours, imagine the intelligence leap, like there is from humans and animals here?

if we used 100% of the brain im sure we would know whats up
peace.. thats correct, many civilisations believed in external life.. and there is a possibility of that without a doubt.. just the possibility..

and also yes.. creation and infinity is paradoxical.. but science also says that the universe is infinite which is a statement of conviction.. though they believe in the unseen as we cant determine this to be ultimate truth..

human brains as very powerful.. but our perception of the world is based on rationality..helped by science.. we consume everything through our senses.. but senses have flaws.. therefore we have limitaions and our brains cannot work at 100%.. just close to it...

anyways peace Ronin
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