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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Originally Posted by 100pr00f
how he was a dif story ... marry was not a vergen when she gave was all a scam to get peeps to belive in religion
Word life son, well said - listen to the Dirtbags, Inc. album when I drop, you'd like and relate to that shit.

Originally Posted by Ronin
religion to me, is a system of control used by men to group the masses together

i dont care about gods etc and beleifs as long as u aint zionist scum

to me, there is no god...we came from a comet hitting earth with life on it, much more beleivable than a man in the sky creating the earth. one point is that we are created in his image, why bother with dinosars then and evolution which has evidence behind it? why not create man right away?

and how do we know we are gods image when god has never been seen

religious books are written by people not celestrial beings

i dont give a fuck about probability from creationists because its justy humanising something we cant explain to try and make the god theory seem more plausible

to me, a book written over 1000 years ago means nothing in todays society and god was created by man to explain what we diddnt know back then

as u know by this, im a beleiver in evolution, man evolved from monkeys

the end
^^^My beliefs are pretty much similiar to that of Ronin's. Plus the church and religion as a whole claims to be so fucking correct and pure and what's right, right?... Muslim hate clerics influenced young impressionable muslims living in England to set off bombs and take innocents lives in our capital... is that right? - fuck that. Is that bullshit in the name of Allah? Fuck that. Pheadofile pervert priests are screwing little boys like the fucking perverted queers they are, them cunts deserve to die a bloody and grueling death. Is that in the name of Jesus? Fuck that. People can call me whatever they want, but at the end of the day - I'm a realist, and in a real world, that shit is wrong and perverted to me, they should die. I believe theres some genuine people in religion, a lot of Muslims are decent people, most are... all of which I know are, and I have read into religion and agree with some beliefs, but if religion can create this type of chaos I talked about? I don't wanna get deep into it, I have no religion, and don't agree with many aspects of organized religion. I'm not an athesist, a believer or whatever, I won't be tagged... I'm a human being and a realist. End of. Period. ONE
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