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Default Re: twisted elements

i remember "froth" .. haha.. and " prince rai" look.. "froth" like `frozen` like raekwonīs label/ weapons ice water.... no words about "prince rea" itīs obvious. hi folks. nice to see people remember...

for that forums talk ^ i can add something . there cán be a subforum "wu tang videos" to the "wu chamber" and "rap videos" to the "hip hop section" and even "music videos" (other music genres) to the "general talk". also a subforum for "lyrics interpretation can take place in the "wu chamber" . ehm.. for real. this looking like i try to be a webmaster or wanna take over a building but its not qute like that. i donīt care about a board in any ways- i come here to spread my latest knowledge. do what you think is right. i donīt care!
lex diamond
i donīt post the whole plot again. if anyone cares about me talking the truth or not. listen to the vatican mixtape . rae kinda summed it all up on there. just recognise one thang before you listen to him. he got a personal connection to god and through this connection, he got a connection to me too, cause iīm that man standing the closest to god, cause i live that everyday. you know. virtue - god conciousness. rae know about me. he callin god and while he do that, he callin on me in his lyrics - when he says "son" "don" "captain" or "pa" ... yeah yeah yeah... only rae can tell if its true...
he sayin cubanlink2 gon be "a movie" when he comes out and "now i go for self and glory him" and "watch me take the globe when i get on" haha... without me. he canīt - and thatīs why he gotta come to me, after he heard about me , through he internet and shit. he still waitin for one of my brovas to tell him, but i canīt find this love... sad shit- i donīt care :-)
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