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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

seing as it;s a fact energy cannot be destroyed it;s quiet likely that we ca exist o a different form, sice if we were creator in gods image wouldn't we be infact already, why the eed fo evolution? the belief in god stems from fear of what we can't yet comprehend, there is not yet a sigle proven fact of god, non of these religious text books can be considered fact since each and every oe of them have invoked change.

eve the so called unchaged qu'ran has had a revision, during the 4th khalif, and if u look at the bloodline historical fact of islam for over 600 year no other person then those of the quaresh tribe could rule islam, it all comes dow to keepig the power withe the same families who have ruled our societysince the anchiet summerian society it's even speculated that the quarish tribe ad the bloodline of the presidets of united states are distantly related.

Right now i'd like just to leave it as this, if god did exist what uis the purpous of evolution since we were created in the mould of his perfectness, why do disabilities arise and why the consistant need for updating medical formulas to combat disease?

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