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hahah i had some tight punchlines in there.. i love that piece...cause it was ALL TRUE..not liek u imaging all these wierd 3 place u do with your rhymes and mind..or whatever.....and plus..why post that? that wasnt a battle verse torse you? why u gettin envolved with other shit? see a dickrider...just like i knew.....dumbshit..go to hell and drop it..u cant win...never will..cause all your doing is tryin to find ways to put me down...c'mon your smarter then that..or that pot gots some circuts screwing up in there or some shit like that....cause what u saying? huh.....say it without tryin to put me down...if so now u see why i act the way i do on the net.....cause all your doing is showing me my shit..what? u think im stupid...what? lol u wanna see some others positives and try to put em down? make em negative? dude your relly arguing over nothing....hahah really...what else you got to say about me.....huh....what else..let it out....i think u need a tissue....
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