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Monotheism is idiocracy. There are none.

Early Judaism accepts other gods as being not only real, but simply that Elohim is superior because he is the head god (and thus the other gods are not as worthy of worship.

Christianity created a triad of a Physical Being, Metaphysical Consciousness, and Spiritual Force permeating everything.

Islam tried to eliminate the other gods, but they're a cheap knock off of judaism/christianity and don't deserve to be considered a separate religion.

The closest we truly come is in Zoroastrianism, however that religion has two gods Ahura Mazhda and Angra Mainyu who in some branches are a Ying Yang duality.

The rest of the worlds religions are totally polytheistic and have various entities linked to natural aspects though there is evidence of early humans interacting with non human forces which may have been linked to the concept of gods.
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