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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Originally Posted by Gok Spenglish
Thank you!

Marry was a fuckin hoe. She either did one of two things

1: Lied to her parents about being a virgin and then everyone made up a HUGE fuckin lie.


2: Was fucked by her father and he then made her lie to save his ass.
She was scared so she made up a fucked up story about religion.
Then they fallowed. An unclean
Molested, used up bitches lies.

Religion is fuckin pointless, wait no it's not
It's done by people for a living,
People lie and feed dumb asses bullshit for a living and get to drive Benzez and wear polo suits, and gators.

They get rich off of lying to the people that vote for Republicans. Go figure!

It almost sounds like Hip hop and religion have somthin in common!

Damn Will the People Ever See The Truth!
Well, youre trying to sound smart from a small particular. Look at it this way; god existed in peoples lives long before the virgin birth. In fact, there is evidence that that story was borrowed from an earlier Egyptyian one. But you are not in charge of some person back before you were born. You are in charge of you. Now I know you cant honestly tell me you are doing your best, or being your best. So what school taught you to make fun of shit or judge shit?
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