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Originally Posted by SurreaL
You're.....absolutely......pathetic, learn how to spell dumbshit, and no matter what you say, you're still a dumbass and I alway's have the upper hand and you ain't got shit on me, so have fun talking to yourself, I bet you and the man in the mirror have gotten pretty close in the last couple year's, A tissue.... for me.... hahahahaha, man I might need one from laughing so hard a you're chump ass, man I don't want to even have you're name in my thread's, nothing to do with you, (actually I'm kinda embarressed to be talking to you!), so anyway's, have a good fucking life, and try not to kill yourself!! (ps I was being sarcastic, cut along the highway, not across!) now im done, oh and btw, I may smoke weed, but guess what......... Im still smarter then you, hahaha, ain't that a bitch?, bitch.

Oh and I made my point a long.... long time ago, why you think so many ppl don't take you're shit kid, cause I told them not to, cause you ain't shit.

what? who cares..not long they dont like me..and all i have to do is keep lettin em see themselves and follow my footsteps on what i the better and stronger person...pffft....your weak

lol and only in a country where MJ can get away with pedophilia can u say you possibly have any power over me
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