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Default Re: Too Many fucking sequels?

Originally Posted by wu gambino
And you know why? Because you people keep buying them. I read an article on this a month or so ago. The only original game in 2004 to crack the top 50 best selling was "Fable." So if you owned a company, you would do the same. If you sold 1 million units of, lets say Halo, and the company can only finance so many projects, you better believe theyre gonna make Halo 2 over anything else. So stop buying that Mario Party, cuz they are about to release the 8th one of them (I think...)
You get EGM too? Thats where i got the idea for this thread. Great gaming mag.

but yeah, i guess if people buy mario party 8, its safer than making new series. It's still sad though. The only new Nintendo series recently is Pikmin, and that game sucks. Miayamato (however you spell it) needs to make something new, not another 20 marios and zeldas.
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