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Default Re: God or Gods

I lean toward the idea of there being One ultimate being of some sort...but not quite in such a "there is ONE god" sort of way...but more like we are each the "one", seperately, and yet we are all that "one" together....^^sort of like how roth said...within...without...but who knows!

Sometimes it seems cheezy talking about stuff like this because it feels like you will never were all talking about whether or not the cow really jumped over the moon.
Not that I mean to downgrade the topic at all...because it is interesting to see others thoughts and it was a good question.

Ultimately, though, I am a huge skeptic deep down...but yet I always feel like I can not deny the existense of one ultimate "something". Like I almost feel it in my bones and breath or much as I want to deny it sometimes.
I wish I knew more! Or maybe I wish I knew less.

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