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Originally Posted by whers View Post
9th Prince :
"Perform Michael Jackson Thriller But Way Iller"

"The 9th Prince Blowin' Sacrifices
Lyrical Wolverine, Dances With Wolves Lead By Crisis"

Method Man :
"Apocalypse Now Mind Over Matter Next Battle Be Tical"

Cappadonna :
"For Slang Hall, Vocabulary Igor, Frankenstein Mind"

O.D.B. :
"Stop Drinkin All That Water Let's Take It To The Land
So I Can Godzilla Up Your Shit Mr. Tiny Tim Man"

"Transform On Ya'll Niggas, Like The Werewolf From London"

"The 18th Letter Followed By The Mark Of Zorro Plus A"

"My mind, Like Professor X From The X-Men"

The Holocaust :
"You'd Have To Be Crazy To Mess With The Tarantula
Try To Get Me Nope, I Turn Into Smoke And Go Under The Door Like Dracula"

"Dialect Your Computer RAM And Cause The Death Of Superman"
You are doing it wrong, sorry.

Half of this are either comic characters or fictional characters from movies.

citation with zoro from rushing elephant adresses to zoro as caracter not as a movie.

It also goes for godzilla, superman, X-Men, and Dracula Frankenstain.

So no.

I meant something like

Crank shit, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION scholar
Roll up, based on dollars, baseball hat, big collar


Transform into the Ghostrider, a six-pack
and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, who got my back?


GUNS OF NAVARONE, tearing up your battle zone
Rip through your slums
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