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Default Re: Cappa's best verse

There's a place out there where the enemies lurk
In the woods try to burn down mamma's church
No love, they came to spread hate
The angels floried inside the pearl gates
The world got dark, a earthquake
trembled the underneath of the feet of pedestrians
Rain, drops fire and snowflakes
Destroy homes that contain the mad evil
All of God's children ran towards the ???
For all of those who did wrong to the ???
Their souls were cast out into the deep
Bodies of the unholy covered the street
And all of God's creatures ate them like meat
Oh father have mercy on the weak
The ones that can't see and the ones that can't speak
The ones in the projects smokin that leaf
Who lived through slavery, families got beat
Bit by the dogs, shot by the police
Screaming for justice, screaming for peace
Brothers behind bars fighting with the beast
Third world countries plus the Mid East
We all gon die if the battles don't cease
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