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Default Re: twisted elements

Originally Posted by brahma
haha.. i just peeped that riddler drop and gully drop.. haha.. what he sayin at the end of the riddler drop ?! funny shit. i just heard this first time a min ago..
"and we need the latest nikes . holla at me. one"

oh.. and rae and sugewhite.. i tell you som! "BE EASY YOURSELF!" how you talking with all the hate and agressive styles? you not even on my level right now.i see you down in hell..all the money you got? itīs non. itīs not even yours, cause itīs godīs!belive that! yo ... i kissed your head once in a dream but i donīt do that again. yo gotta surrender to god and kiss his feet - you ainīt poppa bear ma man. you just a blessed person like i am and belive me... i got non to do with all the bs happened! thatīs godīs work ... and as long you shoutin at him like that, all the "i kill you and cut your toes off " and all that.. man. i donīt even wanna talk to you. iīm headin straight ways to cuba with that goldy sheep and you know what - i donīt come back in mysterious ways. haha lol surrender now. time is runnin out ma man, but not for me.. for you and yours boys. peace. 1 (six)
Who u talkin to brahma man?

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