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them nice niggas had me aiming deep
I was born in south philly where the pagans eat
philadelphia [brotherly love?] put me in the place to be
I know what the cain do for me, brain damage nothing new to me
now you KNOW shit is closing in
shit been adding up, is oldhead a soldier then
said he knew I was the return of Christ and shit
that was ’98, who prepared to fight for this
who demonized me to the umph degree? michael [archangel, the mic] did
ever since the lamb [israel] turned to the goat [lucipher], frightening
freedom allah said he knew yacub was in philly
I was like sure you right, we at war now for realty
and I dropped my shit on the building I was killed in
martin luther king jr. is sig’, and you’z wasn’t listening
I been swept under the rug [sutr], boxed in david’s web
being the born ultimatum, to raise the dead?
how is it heel heal me, if I’m a’ kill these/achilles niggas
shii, you feeling me now? I know what the deal is...

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