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Originally Posted by Marlo Stanfield View Post
yeah idk what the fuck yall are on but

lupe is the man right now.

im 19, his music feels fitting for the times, and my times

he does his shit the way he does it, plain and simple... his take on hustling and shit is fuckin ill, his wordplay and mix between advocating aspects of the hustler culture and disapproving at the same time. someone who cant really grasp the deeper meaning misses out, but they can still be down with it.

the cool is one of the best concept albums ive ever heard. we had two albums come out around the same time that dealt with the perception of a hustler. American Gangster had a few good tracks, but Lupe's was better in my opinion.

you say hes bland or repetitive, although he has a rather large repertoire of different flows and styles. dude could get on a song with enrique englesias for TSA, or jadakiss for me and still get down.

cases in point

the first 2 songs are decent homage to biggie's immaculate flow, but I would never bump those joints again. he simply does not have that charismatic swag that his ex-boss has. the 3rd and 4th joints are straight up wack and Im not checking those joints again unless it's accidental.
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