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Default Christ's ressurection in progress

...Iím straight outtaí south philly, t.o.n.y. christí still up in the building
raised here since being killed up in the sixties
m.c.ís best bet is to listen hard
so, she in logan now? Iím a lo gun now, solo artist
seven wiped out when I put the squeeze to Ďem
navy seal shit, gills is how we breathe through it
Iím from the breeze laughing at beans, seen through him
in-house better stay in the house, bingí you bitch
the bing canít hustle or muscle me holmes
listen...Iím Wu, man, from the Key [Ki] stone
niggas crippled to me, the sirens going off
the first party [me, myself, I] blowing gunpowder in they cloth
Iím not a blues brother, I got a few ovens
to cyzíem up, thatís my liíl brother, twin bugginí
to bring it back to black, brothers incorporating
exchange bullets with anybody caught trading...
...Iím here for one story only...
...this city two to three stories high from the floor, and...
...still wilder than the projects, gottaí get the truth out, huh
well, here it is, shoot now, what...

...yah'mean, how the story goes, The Father said, all you gotta' do is "C" me...

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