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Originally Posted by claaa7 View Post
I heard about "Spot Light" being a song that was recorded for "The W" sessions.. i think the rumour spread from that RZA played the beat in the studio sessions in an interview but apparantly it had the "Rebull" lyrics. So can anyone clarify if the whole song, lyrics and all is recorded for "The W" or is it just that the beat was originally "Red Bull" and later Wu jumped on the beat for the Math album in 2004. it appears on "The Problem" as a bonus though and it's the illest song on the whole LP so it might be.. any clarificiation on this??

if this is true "Spot Light" should definitely have replaced "Handclap" as the hidden song because then the album would go out on a bang. What you think?
Not to change the subject, but spotlite was no way the illest song on the Math album. I personally think strawberries and cream is the best. Maybe if capp didn't spit that below avg verse(as usual lately)spotlite would've been the illest. they shoulda had Streetlife on it instead of capp.

Anyway i think spotlite should've replaced mc conditioner(still love odb)but that was the weak song on the W album.
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