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Originally Posted by claaa7 View Post
^^ nah that's that the booklet and back of CD says, but they had a sticker over it on the back with the actual tracklist but i changed case for it since it was worn down.. i've been fiending for "Shaolin Finger Jabs" for nearly 10 years, where the fuck is J-Love at??

anywayz I noticed that Meth's verse on "Spot Light" is from "The W" so maybe that's why they didn't include it.. no matter what i think it would be the perfect closing to the album as opposed to the mediocre "Hand Clap" (is this also a Math beat, i heard so)?
I think hand clap was a dope song(maybe it didn't fit the W)but that was a much better ending than 8D wit "tar pit" at the end followed by an even shittier outro.

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