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Originally Posted by Princerai
one God is the encompassation of everything he created.. he is everything be it evil be it peace...

we perceive evil to be the end of mankind.. but through evil its opposite is born... which is peace.. this phenomenon is called Natural Balnce where one opposite equals out another..

if there are more than one God... none can be almighty as there are more than one God.. God represents supreme knowledge and understanding... if there are more than one God.. could it be that there is a God with more powers than others??

even if there were many God like creatures... none can be as mighty as the OnE
yep! god is not really involved into this world. good and bad.. itīs all steps in an elevation. god gave us the freedom to do what we wanna do... wars and all the evil stuff.. .itīs just our faults cause we wanna do that instead of getting at him and strive for higher things. this is like thousands of years the same shit. people donīt know what they do... politicians, presidents, kings... they all raised in their time and by deminish and false teachings.. thatīs why its fucked up, but god isnīt the reason for that. he is the origin for all, but he not the one who make this world a mad place.

i know people on here are into koran, bible and other religions... but yo... i said it before and i say it once more... thereīs this one oldest holy scripts (9000yearsplus) the vedic sanskrit verses - in which GOD TALKS THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IN RHYME FORM! he statin in these verses that he is known to have endless names and some of them are christ, allah or jehova or bhudda... but he also state in these scriptures that he has an own personality and his name is krishna - what means īallmagneticī ... he callin himself the supreme personality of godhead... and in these scriptzs he explains exactly how this material world works, what a soul is and how the relationship between him and the individual soul should be...
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