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Default Re: Too Many fucking sequels?

II really doubt 360 will flop. I think they may do better. The 360 has two prices. So itll be friendly to both casual and hardcore gamers. And it comes out first. Some people whove had both systems likely will not want to wait untill Summer 06 for PS3. And the price of PS3 is rumored to be near 600$ even more, which if Sony lives up to their promises will make them losing nearly 200 bucks a console. And the "innovative, next-gen" blue ray discs will be anywhere to 60-80 bucks a game. (XB360 games are going to be 50$ with only 30% of publishers setting 60$)

And what other big thing is coming out this holiday season?? Nothing. Some people will ask for the XB360 for that reason only...

Yes, it doesnt have many good must-have games at launch. But the only must have for Xbox was Halo, almost for 5 months. So you gotta think about that...

Im not gonna be buying either for a little bit, I just got a PS2 Monday cuz my Xbox died. I was gonna buy 360, but I barely play games anymore, so its not worth it yet.
I must say tho , I like PS2 way more than Xbox...
Socom, MSG3, and SD vs. Raw are dope!

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