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Default demonstrayshun main man wannaí exile me, shii, but Iím caught-up
you know about the beys, I came up with Ďem, warred-up
know about the strange shit, canít be explained, shit
I am real life, this is not to entertain youíz
m.c.ís not fuckiní with me, put the money up
nobody getting through to me, shii, dummy-up
when you see what I been through, I ainít síposed to breathe?
look, I ainít supposed to live? I ainít supposed to see?
been upstairs, but down here, Ďcause yíall ainít controlling me
think Iím supposed to be scared of yíall like woe is me?
a damn shame pagans worship my fighting skills
my own chosen people chose me to die for real...

..ay, phileo got ten more months to get me out the rut. shit not lookin' good for 'em at all...
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