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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Good point Fragmented. How can we trust what we are taught when it is the product of thousands of years of conditioning.
..and as for the idea of God as coming out of fear, i don't agree. Perhaps that is a Freudian perspective i fail to capture but the concept of God has been more than just fear. It has been caused by awe and amazement of the unknown and a need for Man to find "somethihg bigger" than him.
As far as the expansion of the universe, it is considered evolution. However many astrophysicists fail to let the masses know a very simple but crucial fact that any amateur astronomer can see. If you stare at the northern and southern skies they both look the can this be? If evolution were the law of life then shouldn't one side be more "Evolved" than the other? well...experts would argue that it is simply because the universe is expanding in a circular motion and will eventually collapse (see the Big Crunch)....however there is one small problem with that......Entropy..........a concept understood by ver few.
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