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Default Re: U-Gods new "Bump" Video Discussion Thread


Yo it'z whatever.... On the real Tip, this cat LEatherFase (he spellin it like dat right)....he got some valid points nahmean. And I'll give that ni77a props based off that U-God album and that WU Chronicles 2..."TO THE RESCUE" ....LeatherFase was killin any track he was on...on those 2 joints. Matter of fact...most of the time, he shitted on anyone else on the track with him for being a featured artist nahmean.

Anyways tho...back to the valid points. True, mad catz on this site are only lookin through the same window. True., headz can't even begin to comprehend the streets for the most part..let alone survive..with all respect, I've been reading some opinions and responses...and some heads just ain't in the know, but in all reality..I can't even blame em. And I think experience and understanding play a role in what type of music you will fuck with as a listener...or even make. But personally, I just think catz are missin the old U God and the other LeatherFase. And ni77as are real quick to discredit a cat if they feel he aint in the same element he has been in. I never thought U GOD has been whack....i do think he got some serious lyricists around him tho..which would MAKE IT HARD FOR ANY NI77A TO SHINE. But I always have thought U GOD served his purpose and had his moments.

now some of my points..

1. I personally really be feelin LeatherFase...even to a point where i considered some of his 1st cuts influentiaL being an emcee yo<--as far as the U goD album goes..and that WU Chronicles 2 joint. I peeped those tracks on that other I'm feelin those moreso...than the joints on his MYSPACE page. That's my word.

2. More power to U GOD. I've heard that ni77a in person in Hampton...spit some sick ish off top. He even got into a battle..with some cat named PonChello or Ponachello from NY...and it was mad close. Seriously ill yo. I think U GOD is straight.., and I show him support based off the fact he part of WU..and I got alot of respect for WU nahmean. I even show that cat love off his 1st Lp...I personally think some of ish is legit (also production wise). But this new ish..on the new album, I've peeped a couple of cuts...and no disrespect leaTherFase...but I ain't really feelin em. I'll have too peep more tracks in order to tell u what I really think. I can respect the street vibe..when the street vibe is realistic nahmean (not some bullshit..because the streets are real)...and 2...I'm from the aint nothin new under the Sun. my music....I aint here to glorify some bullshit., I'm just here to EXPOSE what goes on in HeLL...that's it. I think the production was stronger on his 1st LP...and I even think the lyrics were better.

3. U GOd don't really got a voice that says.."yo I'm conformity" my ni77a. He aint JAY Z. Let the rest of these rap faggots be sluts to the industry nahmean. I respect Wu in many different ways.., and 1 of em is..the WU never really came on no bullshit and still made it big. it's 2005...and shit is mad saturated with nonsense and more black hollywood bullshit than ever before. But all in all, if U GOD can eat, dress his seeds and put a roof over his head off this be it. But come on, I aint tryin to peep some new "played" trend on each and every track.

all in all..., good music is the the desired outcome. And headz being affiliated with the Wu have kept to dat. But yo, I feel u're defending what u eat off of....and no ni77a should be able to take that away from U...or U GoD. Being hungry aint no damn joke. BUt yo, I'm saying...if u and him are gonna switch up the sound.....atleast give your ORIGINAL AUDIENCE....THE HEADS WHO COPPED YA ALBUMS...TRACKS, SHOWN U SUPPORT, SPREADED YOUR NAME....HELPED BUILD YA REP WHEN U COULDN'T REACH EARS ACROSS THE NATION, DIE HARD FANS that were determined to bump ya shit daily to anyone and everyone around them to a point where they would be feelin it too..., GIVE EM A COUPLE OF FUCKIN RAW TRACKS MAN. Without ya hard work, your ORIGINAL HARD WORK, and without the FANS...ni77az would still be starvin..unless they resorted to other ways of making money yo. And I'm stressin this because....NEW FANS...dont know shit, they are FEELIN U 1 SECOND, AND HATING U THE NEXT..u know this...., IT'S THE ORIGINAL FANS that give u the benefit of the doubt..and sometimes just cop the album based off the fact they wanna support. Don't get it twisted homie. Just give em that RAW DOSE of what this ART is really about..., we GET ENOUGH of the same played out black hollywood ghetto fab bullshit UNCREATIVE gun talk enough ni77a. Bring somethin new to the table here and there...

I do hope U and U God continue on tho...out there..and in the music realm, fans that can't spit...rely on some of yall to evolutionize this shit. me, that can spit....just carryin a torch..spreadin word...

and production can go a long way..., look at all the fools who listen to 50 who can't rap for shit...

with all respect....

"ni77as lack the creativity these days, there is no creativity.." --GhosTface--


SubliminaL tha 7th BorN

and for the record, I wouldn't disrespect a ni77a I don't know...unless he came at me crooked.., but I tell u what...for the love of the art...I would BATTLE. I've already ciphered with some "big" heads, and I've taken my Ls and gotten my Ws.

SubliminaL thA 7th BorN

"The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.."
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