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Invisible Ink bringin you the crazy visual lyrics/
the world of imagination written clearly wit spirit/
smooth rhythm variation listen so u culd feel it/
animation of my bars come together still coherent/
cause and effect my words placing pictures in ya head/
my skills make ya mind grow like yeast does to bread/
and the beast does his best at the least for the rest/
the keys for the blessed located in the middle of my chest/
takin deep breaths so i can stop it from gettin swallowed/
throw it at my metaphysical hopefully others follow/
then my bodys lookin hollow cuz its just a organ without the ism/
Im Still the Main feature a mastermind behind the wisdom/
so listen to it twice and maybe you culd figure out the message/
im not a preacher or a elder just a victim wit a lesson/

"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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