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ChristO crouching tiger
Default the math done

G.ís now in new jersey, D.ís now in california
Iím [O, a tone] still in philadelphia [pa the ki stone], putting the warm-up on Ďem
the math done, I only want the ransom
bey watch, I am the Sun, the women tanned some
I got shakeís sphere, he riding with me, Iím writing it out
bible belt to my [Godís] childrenís asses who have any doubts
9-3 to 2012, look at the quatrain
of that bitch michele nostradamus, to see what I mean
I been good with the wu-tang since being born 544b.c?
to í99 [a.d.], the number on my truck [99544], still on my grind
the whether been perfect nowadays...Iím receiving the kiaís
to a lexis, and I believe Iíll sutr needs
bloods rushing to my dick outtaí the fear of God for real
shiii, Iím for real, donít know what was on s.p.ís mind, Iím real
I never dosed off, niggas, when Iím upstairs again
I dare youíz to say Iím just mental, hot-air to phlegm...
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