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Originally Posted by YungSunny View Post
It's basically in the same boat as IT Was Written, so that doesn't count.
I have to disagree. The fact that the Firm only had one release says it all. The Firm was a desperate attempt to be like Rae and Ghost who had made a mafia themed crew album with OB4CL. That the Firm more or less stopped after one album says it all regarding him jumping on that bandwagon. I can see why it may slightly overlap with ITW but ITW was a whole different bandwagon in itself where he just wanted to be popular more than be like any particular person.

But the big question I have is quite simple. If Nas is meant to be intelligent then why does he always go with the fad? If untitled was meant to be about the N word and the way white people are trying to stop black people becoming successful then why did he come up with such a generic response? Did he critique Barack Obama, did he even speak about a single policy of this black man that was running for president? No he didn't and instead he went to a rapper whose dick he still sucks even though he died over a decade ago and sampled a chorus 'even though it seems heaven sent we ain't ready to see a black president'.

When I first heard untitled I thought it was amazing but then listen by listen it just became as corny as lots of his recent work has been.
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