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ChristO crouching tiger
Default tone to earth

...where Iím aí bust jizz? sophisticated ladies?
naw, early birds catching this worm, Iíll drive Ďem crazy
my drill upsy-daisy up in they throats and waistes
tone [me] to earth, and my connectís in the oasis
the diamond in the rough, thinking if our eyes/Iís met up
coming up in s.p., thinking Ďbout the odds set-up
soon as I gave Ďem the lessons, my squad ostricized
me? shiii, about this time I [t.o.n.y.] wasnít born to die
the bloods gonnaí dry up eventually though [scabs], the enemy though?
my own self, Ďcause twin Iím twin, you getting me, bro?
Godís mercy is nothing to take for granted
and Iím a hurt piece on my own, Iíll take your land quick...
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